There’s something for everyone to drink at Level One.

Choose from international or locally sourced wine varieties, a range of high end spirits and liquors, or cocktails and a variety of pitchers developed by our mixologists that are almost too easy to drink.

Download the full drinks menu, or view the Cocktail list below.

Cocktail Menu


LevelOne Signatures - $18.0

Innerbloom - roku gin, raspberry, rose, lime, cucumber, grapefruit bitters

Release the Kraken - kraken spiced rum, lime, pomegranate, agave, peppermint tea, orange bitters

You Bet Shiraz - drambuie, amaretto, pineapple, lemon, shiraz syrup, orange bitters

Hoo Roo, Barb! - gin, cinzano rosso, rhubarb, lemon

Midori Life Crisis - midori, apple, lime, mint, lemonade

Miami Iced Tea - stolichnaya vodka, gordons gin, peach, cranberry, lemon

Classics $17.0

Amaretto/Whisky Sour - disaronno/whisky, egg white, lemon

Cosmopolitan - stolichnaya vodka, cointreau, cranberry, lime

Caprioska - stolichnaya vodka, lime, simple syrup

Espresso Martini - espresso, stolichnaya vodka, tia maria, kahlua

Mojito - bacardi rum , lime, mint, soda

Margarita - el jimador tequila, cointreau, lime

Moscow Mule - stolichnaya vodka, lime, mint, ginger beer

Negroni - gordons gin, campari, cinzano rosso


Spritz, Fizz & Co - $12.0

Aperol Spritz - aperol, prosecco, citrus, soda

Red Dawn - bacardi, cinzano rosso, strawberry, basil, lime, lemonade

Peachy Keen - canadian club, peach, ginger ale, orange

Elderflower Spritz - belvedere vodka, elderflower, apple, lime, mint, soda